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repiping in the attic

Does your home need repiping?

Does your home need repiping? If you are a homeowner with an older home, there is a good chance you
have been told to repipe it. However, repiping an entire house can be an expensive solution to a
plumbing problem. National averages start at $8,000 for a repiping job.  An honest plumber can help you determine if you need to repipe your home or if another repair can fix your

Pipes, just like anything else, are subject to wear and tear. If you have an older home with original galvanized water lines, you may need to reipipe your home. 
Signs that your pipes are failing include rusty or cloudy water, drops in water pressure, or multiple water leaks in pipes throughout your home.

repiping the attic

Because today’s plumbing pipes are safe, effective, and long-lasting,  homeowners will only need to repipe a house once in their lifetimes. If you plan to live in your house forever, this is a one-and-done
repair. If you think you may sell, it is a home improvement that gives you a great ROI (return on investment), potentially increasing your home’s selling price. Pex-A pipe is considered the best option to be used for your home repiping project.  Pex-A piping is burst resistant due to its flexibility which makes it able to withstand freezing.


A male plumber with a pex-a piping
installing drywall

Repiping can take anywhere from 2 to 7 days. We turn off all the water and drain  the existing pipes. Then we cut into drywall to install new pipes. After installing the pipes, we connect them to faucets, tubs, toilets, etc. Once everything is connected we test for leaks before turning on water. When we know everything is working correctly, we replace the drywall.

If you do not have the time or the budget to repipe an entire house, we can work with you to develop a replumbing plan. We start by addressing any leaking areas. Then we focus on easily accessible lines.
We can gradually replace lines so that you have all of your plumbing replaced over several months or even a few years.

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