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Sewer/Drain Repair

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Do you notice a sewer line leak causing issues?

A leak in one of your sewer lines or main drain can cause significant problems. Your sewer is the way to remove wastewater, including human waste, from your home. Broken sewer or drain lines can mean leaks. They can also mean a backed-up system, which can be dangerous and cause severe damage to your home. Broken sewer lines can also lead to more expensive problems. For example, leaking sewer lines can cause damage to your foundation.

The first step in a sewer repair is finding where the problem is. Generally, homeowners are responsible for sewer lines to the point where they tie into the municipal sewer line. That means that finding the break’s location allows you to know whether you need to fix it or if it is a municipal issue. If you notice problems with your sewer line, the problem will be in your part of the line most of the time.

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Clearing a clogged drain

The next step is determining what the problem is. Sometimes a drain will be slow or back up because of a clog. We can remove clogs from the line, which might be enough to fix your sewer problem. However, the problem may be due to a more severe issue, like a collapsed or broken drain line. To figure out what is causing your concerns, we use cameras to inspect visually inside your pipes.

In the old days, fixing your sewer line meant digging a trench, removing the broken line, and replacing it with a new line. While that is still one way to repair broken pipes, there are now alternatives that are less destructive and less expensive. If you have a broken line, we will go over every option for your property.

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