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Drain Cleaning/Clearing
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Drain Cleaning/ Clearing

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It can be intimidating to invite a service person into your home. At Repipe and Replumb Company, we examine the background of all of our employees. We also respect your homes and strive to keep work sites as neat as possible. The result is one of the most trustworthy plumbing crews in the Houston area. Our affordability, expertise, efficiency, and trustworthiness mean your plumbing dollars go further with us than our competition. We invite you to try us out and find out why our customers think of us as the best plumbers in Houston!

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Drain Cleaning/Clearing

A clogged drain can bring your entire household to a stop. Depending on the location of the clog, it can even keep you from using any of the water in your house. We recommend regular drain cleaning as part of your maintenance plans.

You wash grease, waste, and hair down your pipes during everyday use. Most of it gets carried away in the rush of water through the lines, but some of it lingers on the edges. Over time, it can build up and cause a blockage. Other things can also clog drains, such as an item that is too big for the pipe or invading tree roots. Regular drain cleaning can keep your lines clear, minimizing the chance of having a clog.

Many of our customers ask us about chemical drain cleaners they can get at supermarkets or hardware stores. We are not huge fans of chemical drain cleaners. They are not strong enough to remove all junk building up in your pipes. They are also so strong that they can harm your pipes. Not to mention, these cleaners can give you chemical burns if they splash on you.

While clogs may seem to be sudden, there are warning signs that your line is getting blocked.

  1. Standing water in drains
  2. Slow drains
  3. Smell drains
  4. Sounds from your pipes and drains
  5. Mold or mildew around drains
  6. Discolored walls
  7. Water backing up
  8. Frequent toilet clogs

Call us to clean your drains if you notice any of the above signs!

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