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Faucet Repair for the Residents of Houston

Faucet Repair
Plumbing Repair
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Do you need help with Faucet Repair?

Faucets are simple mechanisms that fail in just a few ways. You may have a mechanical failure of the faucet, so you cannot turn it on or off. You could also have a leak. Many people think of a leaky faucet as annoying. They are more than that. They are very wasteful. A single leaky faucet can waste around 3,000 gallons of water each year. Leaks can also corrode drains and stain your sinks.

As plumbers, we generally discourage DIY plumbing repairs. That is because many people do more damage when trying to tackle these repairs. However, a competent home handyperson can probably fix a leaking faucet. The problem is probably a worn-out or broken sink cartridge, compression valve, or stem assembly. There are some great tutorials on how to replace them.

male replacing a new faucet
Repipe and Replumb Plumber

However, being able to tackle a DIY and having the time and energy to tackle a DIY are two different things. Instead of spending your weekend dealing with a plumbing repair, why not give us a call? Our plumbers can quickly and efficiently fix your leaky or broken faucet. With our no-leak guarantee, you can rest assured that we will fix the problem!

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